Basic Rules

  • Get the ball in the net to score. The team with the highest score at the end of game wins!
  • To start the game and after every goal, the ball will be placed at center field and each team will line up 10 paces back from the ball.
  • The referee will blow the whistle to start the play and it’s a race to the ball!
  • Goalies are allowed and can also be bumped. Basically all players are treated equally and anyone can stand in front of the net.
  • There is no offside to keep things simple.
  • In indoor events there is no out of bounds so be ready at all times. For outdoor events kick-ins will be used in place of throw-ins.

safety rules

  • No running into people getting in, or out of bubble suits
  • No running into people not in a suit (spectators)
  • No hitting from behind
  • No loose wearable items
  • Glasses should not be worn, they are almost guaranteed to fall off and get broken and they can damage the suits.