How do you play?


  • Get the ball in the net to score. The team with the highest score at the end of game wins!
  • To start the game and after every goal, the ball will be placed at center field and each team will line up 10 paces back from the ball.
  • The referee will blow the whistle to start the play and it’s a race to the ball!
  • Goalies are allowed and can also be bumped. Basically all players are treated equally and anyone can stand in front of the net.
  • There is no offside to keep things simple.
  • In indoor events there is no out of bounds so be ready at all times. For outdoor events kick-ins will be used in place of throw-ins.


  • No running into people getting in, or out of bubble suits
  • No running into people not in a suit (spectators)
  • No hitting from behind
  • No loose wearable items
  • Glasses should not be worn, they are almost guaranteed to fall off and get broken and they can damage the suits.

What should I wear?

Sporting attire shorts and a T-shirt is recommended as it can get quite hot inside the bubble suits. T-Shirts(tank tops should be avoided) are preferred because the straps can rub against the skin around the shoulders. Knee pads are recommended, especially for indoor games, not because you hit your knees but because you are constantly using your knees to get back up.

Cleats are not allowed because they can damage the bubble suits.

Eye glasses should not be worn inside the bubble suits. Players who require glasses must accept the full responsibility for any injury or damage to equipment suffered due to the wearing of glasses.

Players must remove any loose jewelry and cover any items that may cause injury or damage to the bubbles or participant. Players should also remove everything from their pockets; phones, keys, wallets, etc.

How do i get in the bubble suit?

Roll the bubble suit so that the hole is parallel to the ground and kneel in front of it.  Put your arms in first through the straps, once your shoulders reach the top of the straps bring your hands down to the handles. You should now be able to rock and stand up! 

Is there a recommended age for Bubble Soccer?

There is no age limit but there is height limits. We currently only have standard adult size bubble suits which our designed for persons between 4.5’ and 6’4” (1.35m to 2m).

Where can we play Bubble Soccer?

You can play Bubble Soccer indoors or out. Indoors is more fun and more reliable as your won't get canceled due to weather.

For indoors we recommend gymnasiums. We've used a lot of them around the city and most work very well.

For outdoor rentals the location must have access to electricity for us to inflate/deflate the the bubble suits. The field must also be flat level and clean, ideally a soccer field or outfield of baseball field.

What are the Bubble Suits made of?

All our Suits are made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Bubble suits can be made of TPU or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). TPU are odourless while PVC may emit a pungent smell. PVC also doesn't stay clear as long and is usually harder TPU but costs less.


With any sport there is always risk of injury. Being in a bubble does make Bubble Soccer safer than regular soccer, but adding in full contact does mitigate some of the inherent safety of being in a bubble. Like most forms of physical activities we do require to sign a waiver.


As with all sports and activities, there is an inherit risk of injury. Our liability insurance requires us to confirm that all participants understand that these inherent risks exist during physical activities.

Can we play in the rain?

Unfortunately no. The pumps used to inflate/deflate the suits can't be used outdoors when it's raining.  Therefore if rain in the forecast we will have to cancel/reschedule your rental. There is no fee if you were to cancel last minute (24 hours) because of weather. This is one of the reasons we recommend playing indoors.

Are the Bubble Suits clean?

Yes the Bubble Suits are cleaned with disinfect wipes after each use.

What is Bubble Soccer?

This is what bubble soccer is! Special thanks to SMU ResLife.